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We are a Clean Energy Council approved Installation team. We provide commercial solar PV installations with Australian made equipment to offer quality for your business.

Benefits Of Installing A Commercial Solar System

Enduring Energy Source

Among the top benefits of commercial solar systems is their position as a lasting, sustainable energy solution. Unlike traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels, which are finite and dwindling, the sun offers ceaseless power, promising an inexhaustible supply of energy for countless years to come.

Greener Alternative

Commercial solar panels don’t release any harmful emissions or greenhouse gases, making them a significantly more environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional energy options. By choosing our commercial solar installation Sydney services, you’re contributing to reducing our collective carbon footprint and combating climate change in a meaningful way.

Low Maintenance Requirement

Commercial solar panels require minimal upkeep post-installation. With no moving components to wear out and no need for fuel, they offer a hassle-free solution. As long as they’re kept clean and free of debris, they’re engineered to operate at their peak for many years with minimal maintenance.

Sizable Savings on Energy Costs

By opting for a commercial solar system from a professional Solar Installer in Sydney such as Sunbrite Solar, you can significantly reduce your energy expenditures. Once our solar panel commercial units are installed, they produce electricity freely, facilitating substantial savings on your energy bills.

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Solar Panels – Commercial – Frequently Asked Questions

Get clarified with your doubts

What is a commercial solar system?

Commercial solar power systems provide renewable energy solutions for businesses and large organisations. 

These systems include panels mounted on the roof or ground, along with equipment to convert solar energy into electricity. 

One major benefit of using a commercial solar system is cost savings on electricity bills; since the electricity is generated on-site, businesses can reduce or even eliminate their reliance on traditional utilities. 

In addition, using a renewable source like solar can help businesses meet sustainability goals and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. 

Overall, a commercial solar system can bring numerous benefits to any organization looking to go green and save money in the long run.

If you’re searching for dependable commercial solar power installation in Sydney, Sunbrite Solar connects you with the best teams in NSW. Get your FREE quotes today and reach out to us with questions. 

Can I go off-grid with solar panels?

This depends on a few factors, including:

  • The number of solar panels affixed to your home
  • Your current energy needs
  • The amount of sunlight your home is exposed to
  • Your energy storage capabilities

Most people in Australia who use solar panels currently maintain a connection to the grid, allowing them to either use the electricity grid when necessary or to sell excess power generated back to the grid. This is often “paid” in the form of a rebate on your energy bill.

Will solar panels work in a power outage?

Generally, yes. As they’re running separately to the main grid, you’re usually still able to use the electricity your solar panels generate even if there’s a grid outage.

How can I maintain my commercial solar panels?

Solar panels are designed to be fairly low-maintenance and last for years — but cleaning them periodically can help remove dust and debris which might otherwise interfere with its ability to absorb sunlight.

Does hail damage solar panels?

Solar panels in Australia are generally built to be resilient to wear and tear from the climate, and that includes some light hail. Additionally, many modern solar panels also come with covers that can be used to protect against hail. However, heavy hail can potentially cause damage, so it’s worth investing in rain and hail insurance.

How much does commercial solar panels cost?

The cost of commercial solar panels and installation varies according to a number of different factors, including the type of system you want, the age of your home and the type of roof you have. Good news though is commercial solar panels are typically cheaper than residential solar panels; and the cost of solar cells are getting lower with improvements in technology. If you’re installing solar in Sydney, you may also be eligible for rebates from the NSW government.