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Specialists in Renewable Energy

About Sunbrite Solar

Specialists in
Renewable Energy

It was born from a passion for renewable energy. With the goal of easing the financial burden of growing electrical bills and lessening the impact our energy consumption has on our environment.

Our team now has 5 years of experience in solar installation services and we have built a loyal base of customers in Sydney. We have you covered from residential solar panel installation to commercial solar systems!

About Sunbrite Solar

By investing in
renewable energy and
installing solar panels
on your home, you can:

Eliminate your future power bills

Based on the size of your solar system, your energy usage, and where you live, installing a Sunbrite solar system can help you significantly reduce electricity bills

Minimise the impact of increasing energy costs

Generating your own clean solar energy limits your exposure to inevitable price increases

Increase your home’s intrinsic value

A solar power system that generates free, clean energy can positively affect the re-sale value of your home

Potential government rebates

Households can take advantage of government incentives to reduce their system cost as long that their system is installed by Clean Energy Council-accredited company like Sunbrite Solar

Protect the environment

Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy, and an extremely efficient way of making your home more sustainable

Energy independence

Go further in by installing an energy saving battery storage unit, which will keep the energy stored for you to use even when the sun is down


We specialise in all things renewable


Store that energy with a battery system so that you can use that power even when the sun is down


We can work with an industrial-scale solar installation to provide your business the maximum power


We provide commercial solar PV installations with Australian made equipment

What Our Customers Say

Jacqueline D.

“Wow! I just want to say a big thank you to Tom and the team at Sunbrite for the amazing system they installed. We have saved so much money and are getting a nice bit of money back to put towards our kids schooling. The day we had our system installed it was extremely exciting for my children and the guys were more than happy to show my kids how everything worked and they took they time to answer all their questions. All of the Sunbrite team had such beautiful manners and left our home and front yard completely clear of materials so we didn’t have to worry about any clean up when they left. Thank you so much, we are extremely grateful.”

Belinda G

“Highly recommended providing a easy and professional experience. Explained everything I needed to know, was impressed with the high level of workmanship. The crew are polite and very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. Thank you Sunbrite for a more sustainable future and saving me on my electricity bill.”

Jane K.

“We rent where we live and another company installed the solar system but did not connect the inverter properly. Tom from Sunbrite Solar came out and fixed it for us so our solar is now working properly…thank you Tom.”

Stephen T.

“Just had a 18.33kw solar system fitted to my home with Sunbrite Solar. Aaron, Tom and his team, made it happen where others could not. They were very professional, affordable and knowledgeable. Would thoroughly recommend this company. Well done.”