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How would you feel if you could lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint with a one-time, one-day installation?

Just imagine being able to put aside that extra money for a property deposit, a holiday, or your children’s education. The good news is, this can be a reality. If you’re open-minded about renewable energy, Sunbrite can provide you with all the information you need to get started with solar.

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We use panels with the best warranty structure, so you don’t need to worry if something goes wrong. You’ll get maximum longevity out of our modern systems.

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We will discover your individual energy needs and offer you the lowest possible price. Pay your way with Bright Finance, Green Loans, and more.

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From sale, to installation, to aftercare, our proactive in-house specialists have the whole process under control.

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Jacqueline D.

“Wow! I just want to say a big thank you to Tom and the team at Sunbrite for the amazing system they installed. We have saved so much money and are getting a nice bit of money back to put towards our kids schooling. The day we had our system installed it was extremely exciting for my children and the guys were more than happy to show my kids how everything worked and they took they time to answer all their questions. All of the Sunbrite team had such beautiful manners and left our home and front yard completely clear of materials so we didn’t have to worry about any clean up when they left. Thank you so much, we are extremely grateful.”

Belinda G

“Highly recommended providing a easy and professional experience. Explained everything I needed to know, was impressed with the high level of workmanship. The crew are polite and very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. Thank you Sunbrite for a more sustainable future and saving me on my electricity bill.”

Jane K.

“We rent where we live and another company installed the solar system but did not connect the inverter properly. Tom from Sunbrite Solar came out and fixed it for us so our solar is now working properly…thank you Tom.”

Stephen T.

“Just had a 18.33kw solar system fitted to my home with Sunbrite Solar. Aaron, Tom and his team, made it happen where others could not. They were very professional, affordable and knowledgeable. Would thoroughly recommend this company. Well done.”

Don’t worry, we know how you’re feeling.

It’s perfectly normal to be uncertain about whether a solar company is right for you. Most people are keen to get on board with renewable energy, but aren’t actually sure what they need to get started!

That’s why Sunbrite offers a free, no-obligation energy assessment where our local, friendly team will go through your current energy usage to design a system around your specific needs. If we can show you how much money you’ll save, will you get solar installed with us?

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There are two types of people in Australia, those who are moving towards the solar-powered future, and those who are stuck in the fossil-powered past.

The way we see it, you have three options:

You stick with the outdated energy grid & drown in big bills.

You take a gamble on a giant solar company & get stuck with outsourced service.ay with Bright Finance, Green Loans, and more.

You partner with Sunbrite & enjoy affordable, local solar you can trust.

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Remember our free energy assessment will ensure that you save money that you can put towards your dreams.

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